Keynote: Inclusive Teaching Strategies to Promote Non-Traditional Student Success
Malissa Adams

Senior Equity Consultant & Executive Director of the Diversity Institute
Stanton Adams Consulting


Most of today’s students come underprepared for university (Gabriel, 2008; Côté & Allahar, 2007). The majority of these students are non-traditional, particularly mature, people of color, recent immigrants, first-generation, and visible minorities.

This session will help universities, colleges, and individual faculty members take measures to help non-traditional students improve their skills and performance. Learn Tips, Tools, and Techniques to empower non-traditional students to succeed.

Main Objective:

Participants will:

  • Understand diverse worldviews
  • Recognize how unconscious bias interrupts our ability to connect
  • Develop Strategies for inclusive teaching
  • Learn to acknowledge and incorporate the diverse values, beliefs, and skills that non-traditional students bring to the classroom.


Malissa Adams PortraitMalissa Adams currently serves as the Executive Director of the Diversity Institute. She is driven by a passion and commitment to giving a voice to the under-served. Malissa brings a proven track record of success as an organizational strategist with over 15 years of experience in equity and inclusion. She thrives on co-designing innovative approaches for solving social equity and access issues. Malissa completed her B.A. in Business Management from Rasmussen College, M.B.A. in Nonprofit & Public Administration at Metropolitan State University.