One Bold Future

Two Proud Histories, One Bold Future

DCTC and Inver Hills are members of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, which was established in 1995. At the time Minnesota State looked at merging community and technical colleges, especially those in close proximity to one another. The merger of DCTC and Inver Hills was discussed at the time but not acted on.

In 2013, the system chancellor announced that then Inver Hills President Tim Wynes J.D. would serve as the interim president of DCTC, after its president Ron Thomas retired. In 2015, the shared presidency became permanent and moves were taken to incorporate shared administration at all levels.

To date, Inver Hills and DCTC strive to implement shared strategies that position the colleges as education partners of choice, while recognizing the unique missions and pedagogic goals of each school.

Thousands of people have come through the doors of each college with the aim to improve their future through education.  In fact the two colleges together generate $334.6 million in economic impact per year.

As the colleges lean into the next 50 years, DCTC and Inver Hills will continue to build on their legacy of dedication, creativity, imagination and vigilance in providing educational options that lead to a bold future.